Diferencias entre las escuelas urbanas y las escuelas rurales

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* Study Addition and Multiplication in the pages 89, 90, 91 and 92.
Examples: 2+2+2+2+2+2= 10
5 twos = 10 2x5=10
* StudyCommutative and Associative Properties of Multiplication in the pages 93 and 94.
(2x3) x 1 or 2x (3x1)
6 x 1= 6 2x 3= 6
* Study Multiplyingwith 1 and 0 in the pages 95, 96.
2x1=2 2x0=0
3x1=3 0x3=0
2x1=4 4x0=0

* Study the multiplications 5, 6, 7, and 8. In the pages 100, 101, 102.
Examples: 5x6=30 6x4=247x2=14 8x3=24

* Study the divisions in the pages 115, 116, 117, 118, 119.

Study dividing with 1, 5 and 0. In the pages 121, 123, and 125.

Study the polygons in the pages 143, 144.Square triangle


* Words to know
Funnel moist pressure
Spinning thunderstorm tornado
Explosion suddenly accept
Continuedproud gratefully
Noticed dives helpless
Joey trail playful
Shy tiny pocket

* Study the following questions.
What means Marsupials?
It´s Means animalswho carry babies in a pouch.

What means joey?
It´s means a baby kangaroo.

What means secure?
It´s means that it is safe.

What means frolic?
It´s meansrun and play.
* Study the following questions.

What are animal´s vertebrate?
Animal´s vertebrate are the animals that have backbone.

How can you tell ifan animal is a vertebrate?
Touching an animals and feeling it that has backbone or no.

What are the different of mammal´s vertebrate?
Mammals are vertebrates, mammals arewarm-blooded
Female mammals give milk to their babies mammals breath with their lungs

Are bats dangerous?
Yes, they are dangerous when people attack them.

What do bats...
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