Differences or common future

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  • Publicado : 11 de octubre de 2010
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Differences or Common Future

Santiago, June 30th 2008

Subject: Globalization and Its Impact

Teacher: María Fernada Mejía

Student: Wersikowsky N., Kusac


Differences or Common Future
By Kusac Wersikowsky


Priorities- our worries and henceour most attended concerns. Today we are barely still in time to figure out such a matter. Although time is infinite, and therefore it will never end, this does not mean that we have forever to make decisions and mend the tears and rips caused by our past and current judgment. There is no more time for procrastination, and leaving the search of solutions for the last second. Which are our currentworries? And, which should be ministered first?

Globalization is a self-propelled phenomenon that cannot be stopped; it is a river that we flow in, a river that more quickly than gradually begins to overflow. This meaning, that we are not in full control of the consequences brought on by this overflow, but should do our best to control the actual flooding. At no time suggesting thatglobalization is evil or that it is our undeniable doom, even though it brings progress to our world, it can be perfected, changed, and bettered. Little awareness and the lacking conscience of what goes on in our world are the barriers that keep us from intervening positively over the course of human history. We as humanity, throughout history, have had a tendency of worries, a tendency focused on differentideals, ethnicities, and religions. This has been our biggest worry and has become the trend of all our conflicts. It is the cause of wars, laws, debates, deaths, and hence the determining factor on some of the most important decisions that we as beings have to make.

With globalization, the priority for figuring out our differences, or choosing which ideals are best, has become largely intense.Differences and diversity, with all their implications, have become one of the biggest issues in our current world. As mentioned, these differences are the cause of conflict and have throughout the ages been one of the determining factors in the course of history itself. Hence, these differences in ideals, ethnicities, and religions are an important issue; an issue magnified by diversity. This isan issue we can actually afford to take our time with, and not rush decisions in order to obtain the best possible outcome. Even though this is a large and important issue, it is not the only one.
Globalization has not only magnified the worry about differences between one being and the next, but has intensified many other factors. Industries and capitalism has come to an exponential growth.Companies internationalize and the world round cash-flow has come to an all time high. Yes, industries followed by technology, bring commodities and certain development, but an irresponsible and miss-guided expansion and use of the same have left us on the verge of a crisis. A crisis that involves more than factors that we can take our time to handle; we no longer can afford to let things evolve andfix themselves, we have to take action. This new and largely industrialized reality we live in; this “development”, is the real cause behind our deteriorating world. We now live in a world of unpredictable natural disasters, melting ice-bergs, and unlivable conditions brought by ourselves. We live in a world of global warming.

Having two very important issues at hand, we have to analyze whichones we are actually paying true attention to, and which ones we have to attend to. As our situation is displayed in words, maybe we can open our eyes to see our reality and begin to criticize at least one small portion of our irresponsible actions and ways of thinking.

Our Differences

From Athens and Sparta, Cortez and the Aztecs, the expansion of Catholicism, the Civil War in the United...
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