Dignidad humana

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Eating, drinking or chewing gum is strictly forbidden.

Students are notallowed to speak Spanish in class, only English. Oral production will be graded in every day class.

The use of cellular phone is also strictly forbidden. If anyoneis caught using a cell in class, it will be withdrawn.

Homework is very important in order to consolidate our subject; therefore it must be turned in on time,with the student’s name, date, and be very careful with presentation, punctuation and capitalization. It will be collected or checked at the beginning of theclass in a separate piece of paper; last minute homework won’t be accepted during the break, at the end of the class, or the following day.

When a student missesclass because she’s sick she will be able to deliver homework the very next class. It is the student’s responsibility to update class work. Trips are not ajustified absent, keep it in mind when planning vacations.

Books and workbooks must be brought to every class.

There will be two partial written exams and onefinal. The grading system will be as follows:
Use of English in class
Public Speaking
Role playing
Class work
Special assignments
Thepercentage may vary from class to class.

Everybody is entitled to take the final exam as long as students don’t have more than 20% classes of absence and has aminimum of 6, which is the minimum passing grade.

Everyone will have a specific assigned placed to sit; however there may be changes as we work in class.
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