Direct object recognition practice

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  • Publicado : 21 de octubre de 2010
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Direct Object Recognition PracticeDefinition: A direct object will be a noun or pronoun that directly receives the action of the verb.  The noun or pronoun will answer the questions, "whom?" or"what?", after the ACTION verb.In order for a noun or pronoun to be a direct object, one must have: 1. An ACTION VERB 2. A noun or pronoun that follows the action verb and answers the questions, whomor what. Exercise Directions:
Write down the direct object in the following sentences.  (A few might not have a direct object, so be careful.  Make sure the two items above are there beforedeciding.)  Remember also that the direct object may be compound (2 or more).1. Mary wrote a letter to her aunt.

2. The teacher handed out the exams to the students.

3. Bill sent an invitation to the partyto his friends.

4. The cat ran down the street.

5. Mother baked the cake for her daughter's party.

6. Give the papers to the lawyer today.

7. The soup was salty.

8. Jose wrote thepostcard and sent it to his parents.

9. The pilot expertly guided the plane through the storm.

10. The dancer walked slowly toward the exit sign.

11. Divide the money into 3 equal piles.

12.Louise and Juan made the decorations for the dance.

13. The quarterback threw the final touchdown pass and won the game for the team.

14. Both sides of my family were from England.

15. Garyplays baseball and football. |

Exercise Answers:
1. letter
2. exams
3. invitation
4. None. Ran is an action word but nothing answers "what?" or "whom?".  Down the street is aprepositional phrase.
5. cake
6. papers (give is the verb and the subject of this imperative sentence is you understood (you).
7. None.  There is a linking verb, was, but no action verb.  Salty is a predicateadjective.
8. postcard and it - two different verbs, wrote what? sent what?  (Did you get both of these?)
9. plane
10. None.  Walked is an action verb but nothing is receiving the action. ...
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