Discovery of pompeii

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  • Publicado : 23 de marzo de 2011
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Discovery of Pompeii
This amazing discovery occurred during the 16th century by accident, Pompeii was completely forgotten about for 1,700 years.
Pompeii was buried and destroyed by the eruptionof Mont Vesuvius August 24th 79 B.C.E. This eruption lasted two days, leaving no chance for people to survive not only because of the eruption but because of the earthquakes too.
The excavationsstarted in 1748, but it was extremely hard to excavate because of the lightness of the debris left by the volcano. Pompeii was under more than eight feet of rock and ash.
The intention of the firstexcavation was to find valuable objects between all the rubble for King Charles III. The wall paintings have been removed from walls and framed elsewhere, thought most of the art didn’t make it through thedisaster.
The Pompeian architecture and art have a Greek, Etruscan and roman influence, after all Pompeii belonged to the Roman Empire.
The main problem that occurred with the excavation was thatthere was not a consistent way of excavating, it’s wasn’t until the mid 1800’s that the French came up with a methodic way of doing it.
Guiseppe Fiorelli became the lead excavator in the late 1800’sand beginning of the 20th coming up with a plan to use plaster cast to recreate the forms of people and plants the way they were when the volcano erupted.
During the following years, archeologistshave done their best to restore Pompeii, they have even reconstructed, temples, houses with their facades, balconies, and restored mosaic murals inside the house, as well as understanding how Pompeian’slived. It’s interesting to think that because of the volcano that destroyed Pompeii, we now know Pompeii.
I came upon an article of the Discovery Channel that explain how there was no way Pompeiancould have survived the catastrophe, it mentions that they thought it was a severe earthquake, but that they had no way of knowing how fatal it was all going o be.
They have a theory of their only...