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“Optimized Modeling and Design of Structures using SAP2000” presented by


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Object Based Modeling Using Templates Application of Seismic/Wind Loads- Including IBC 2003 code Extrusion Options Points/Lines/Areas to Solid Elements Shell and Solid Internal Meshing Edge Line Constraints Application Interactive Database Editing usingMicrosoft Excel/Access Importing/ Exporting Options Open Structure Wind Loads Analysis Influence Lines and Surfaces Use of Graphical Section Cuts Eigenvector and Ritz Analysis Curved Frame, Cable and Tendon Elements Tension/Compression Limits Truss Optimization Modeling Aluminum Frame Design Cold Formed Steel Frame Design Section Designer Module Transmission Towers Dynamic Analysis- Time History andResponse Spectrum Analysis Steel/ Concrete Frame Design Steel and Aluminum Frame Drift Optimization Post Tensioning Options


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Staged Construction Analysis Creep and Shrinkage Large Deformation Analysis Multiple P-Delta Analysis Buckling Analysis Blast Analysis Nonlinear Link Behavior- Base Isolator and Damper Elements Bridge Analysis

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“Optimized Modeling and Design of Structures using SAP2000”


Tableof Contents
Introduction Example I Example II Example III Example IV Example V Example VI General Modeling Techniques – 2-D Shear Wall Analysis Modeling Techniques using Templates – Transmission Tower Truss Modeling – Curved Steel Truss Example Bridge Analysis – Concrete Box Girder Bridge Advanced Modeling Techniques – Eight-story Parking Garage 2-D Frame Analysis 4 5 11 17 25 41 45 51 57 59Example VII Nonlinear Time History Analysis About the Speakers “Mesh Transitioning and Compatibility – Automated Line Constraint in ETABS and SAP2000”

“Optimized Modeling and Design of Structures using SAP20000”


This lecture is generally geared towards the intermediate user level of SAP2000. However, if you have never used SAP2000 before, do not be set back. We havedesigned this course in such a way that even the inexperienced SAP2000 user will have no problem following along. All of the examples that we present (except for the few real life models in the beginning) will be drawn from scratch to exhibit the most general and common modeling techniques mentioned above. We have chosen seven examples that we will describe in the presentation. In these seminar notes,you will find descriptions, computer model definitions, and results for each example. As we present each example, please feel free to follow along.

“Optimized Modeling and Design of Structures using SAP2000”



General Modeling Techniques – 2-D Shear Wall Analysis

This is a two-story frame analysis, subjected to lateral static loading. There are 4 frames inthe X-Z plane that consist of 1 inch concrete shell elements. Each frame is meshed differently as shown in Figure 1-1. Only the 2nd frame has edge constraints assigned to it.

Significant Options of SAP2000 Exemplified
Shell Internal and External Meshing Edge Line Constraints Application Interactive Database Editing using Microsoft Excel

Computer Model Definition
The 2D frames are two...
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