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Chapter 1

My eyes strained as I tried to peer into the endless darkness. My heart pounded in my chest, breaking the eerie silence. Every step I took sounded like a loud thud in the silent dark, but I kept walking, trying to listen over my incessant heart beats. I could feel the adrenaline run through my veins, causing me to slightly shake, or maybe I was afraid, but I would never admit to it.I had an interesting job, if you wanted to call it that. My family is from a long line of vampire slayers, which sounds really cheesy, but it’s true. My dad's the leader of this family, the head honcho, making me the future leader, even if I don't want to be, and I don't. I actually suck at vampire slaying, and to tell you the truth, I've never even killed a vamp. I've hurt a couple, but neverkilled any. I don't know why I can't, it's just so hard for me to do. They were once people too, well most of them, some were born vampires . . . but, still, I can't do it, they're still people, kind of, they're just different. A girl has never been the leader of a vampire slayer group, so my Dad's now pressuring me to get married. They want me to get married to some amazing vampire slayer fromanother clan, so that we can be lead by some valiant vampire killer who is completely committed to our duty. Ugh. I'm only 17. I'm not ready for a husband and I really don't want one at the moment.

There was a small sound behind me and I instantly froze. We were on a "job outing". We had received some tip that there was an old building on the outskirts of New York City with a clan of vampiresliving and feeding there. As soon as my Dad had heard about it we were on the move. It's our duty to exterminate vampires, without revealing that vampire's actually exist.

We've been having problems with a large clan of vampires that has just recently come to New York, near where we live. We've been running into them lately, and they are really becoming a nuance. They're constantly killing peoplein the area, bringing unwanted attention. It was decided a long time ago that vampires should stay a secret. It could cause panic throughout the human population if people were to find out. Most vampires agree with the idea of staying hidden, and obey certain laws, but lately the ones in the area have been going against those laws. It was rumored that the clan is actually led by a pureblood, thestrongest type of vampire in existence, the type where if they bite you, you're changed into a vampire. They're the only type of vampire capable of that, and are said to be direct descendants of the first vampires. That probably explains why so many newborn vampires have been appearing, causing more problems.

Newborn vampires have the least control and will completely loose themselves to bloodlust, killing every person they come across, forgetting who they are and who they care about, which can cause problems in a very populated city like New York.

My Dad really wants to get rid of the clan; they've been here for a couple months, making us look bad. We just haven't been able to find the leader. My Dad's hoping to find and kill the head vampire tonight.

I took a deep breath; thenoise was getting closer and closer. I slowly grabbed for my gun out of my pocket. I hated the coldness of the handle; I just hated the whole thing all together.

I spun around pointing the gun blindly into the darkness. A small flashlight went on and Toolio was standing there, looking more scared than I was, "Jesus Christ Ever. What the hell are you doing?"

I instantly put the gun down andsighed a sigh of relief, "I thought you were a vampire or something. Jeez. Why are you creeping up on me like that?"

He smiled, "I didn't mean to scare you. You're Dad wanted me to come make sure you're okay. You got separated from the group."

"Yeah". I realized that," I said, quietly, "this place is like a freaking maze."

"Exactly." Toolio smiled, "Which means it would be a good place for...
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