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* State the Plate Game
State the PlateGame
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* Faces of America
Faces of America
Video Clip (2:26)
Prominent Americans talk about what makes America unique.
Video Clip (2:26)
* New York Harbor
New York Harbor
Video Clip (3:01)
Today New York is one of the largest natural harbors in the world, but towards the end of the last ice age the ports entrance was blocked by a large wallof debris.
Video Clip (3:01)
* Golden Gate Bridge: Voters Decide
Golden Gate Bridge: Voters Decide
Video Clip (4:55)
When it opened in 1937, California's Golden Gate Bridge was the world's biggest suspension bridge and went on to become a beloved national landmark. Why did some people initially think the bridge was a dangerous idea? From "Modern Marvels."
Video Clip (4:55)
* HowWas Hawaii Formed?
How Was Hawaii Formed?
Video Clip (2:59)
the origins of the Hawaiian islands have remained a geological puzzle for generations, but recent investigations uncovered that volcanoes hold the key to much of the formation of these beautiful islands.
Video Clip (2:59)
* Louisiana Purchase Doubles U.S.
Louisiana Purchase Doubles U.S.
Video Clip (1:03)
ThomasJefferson pulls off the land deal of the millennium when he buys 800,000 square miles from the French, stretching from the Mississippi River to the Rocky Mountains
Video Clip (1:03)
* Super Cities: New York City
Super Cities: New York City
Video Clip (9:17)
Central Park was intricately designed to fulfill the rural needs of urban dwellers.
Video Clip (9:17)
* Statue of Liberty:Deconstructed
Statue of Liberty: Deconstructed
Video Clip (1:29)
How many steps are there to the crown of the Statue of Liberty? Find out that and other facts and figures about America's most recognizable symbol of freedom.
Video Clip (1:29)
* Tougher in Alaska: Living in Alaska
Tougher in Alaska: Living in Alaska
Video Clip (1:25)
In this Tougher in Alaska video, we get to learnjust how tough it is to live in Alaska. Check out how going to work, eating and even splitting fire wood, can cause a person to snap. The culture of Alaska is very, very interesting.
Video Clip (1:25)
* Empire State Building
Empire State Building
Video Clip (3:12)
When it was completed in 1931, New York's Empire State Building was the world's tallest skyscraper. How long did ittake to construct? How many people work in and visit the Empire State Building today? From "Modern Marvels."
Video Clip (3:12)
* Alaska Becomes 49th State
Alaska Becomes 49th State
Video Clip (1:06)
In a History Rewind video, Alaska celebrates the long awaited grant of statehood with an enthusiastic celebration. Alaska will become the nation's forty-ninth state and, by far, the largest.Video Clip (1:06)
* Washington Escapes Brooklyn
Washington Escapes Brooklyn
Video Clip (2:04)
After British forces invade Long Island in 1776, Gen. Washington manages to evacuate over 9,000 troops under cover of darkness, when surrender would have meant the end of the quest for independence.
Video Clip (2:04)
* Joe Piscopo Loves New Jersey
Joe Piscopo Loves New Jersey
VideoClip (2:47)
In this American History video, brought to you by the History Channel, Joe Piscopo talks about growing up in an Italian-American community in New Jersey and what the state means to him.
Video Clip (2:47)
* Alexander: 'Scrappy' Massachusetts
Alexander: 'Scrappy' Massachusetts
Video Clip (0:30)
Jane Alexander shares with us the best things about Massachusetts....
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