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  • Publicado : 8 de diciembre de 2011
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Ana Medina
Professor Haines
English Composition
Drinking age
In United States, the earliest age for voting is 18 with many arguing that the age for voting should also be the age for drinking.This proposal has eventually reached a great amount of citizens as well as the National Youth Rights Association. In his article, reporter Alex Johnson, gives his opinion being “in favor of teenagersbeing able to enjoy a beer or two (web).” While in the contrary Mark Rosenker, chairman of the National Transportation Safety Board said, “Why would we repeal or weaken laws that save lives? Itdoesn’t make sense (web).”  With two different sides and the topic being well sought after what will the overall outcome be?
Citizens are considered an adult and are expected to act like one at age 18 but isit right to restrict them to a drinking age of 21. At the age of eighteen we are able to drive cars, fly planes, marry, vote, pay taxes, take out loans and risk our lives as members of the U.S. armedforces. If we are able to do all this why not drink? John McCardell, president of Middlebury College in Vermont suggested lowering the drinking age alleging that it could save lives. He says that,“students are taking alcohol off campuses and underground making it less safe for them (web).” Leaving prohibition on alcohol for those lower than 21 would most likely also reduce binge drinking.McCardell evidently works at a school where parties include alcohol so his point could as well be teaching students how to drink properly without causing damages. While people like McCardell abide in favor ofthe drinking age of 21 being lowered to 18 arguing it saves lives others argue that they actually takes lives.
Many would be in accordance that by the age of 18 one may be consider an adult andhas been given many rights which have allowed them to be more independent and responsible. But is it 18 the age of maturity? Not even 21 can be sought as being mature, Alcohol Alert gave a...
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