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That last point is certainly something for you to bear in mind when you go- make sure you take enough money for all the trip because you will have to pay all the costs of admissionto monuments and they aren't cheap!If only I had known that! This was a nasty surprise because the travel agency told us that the total cost was £1600, including coach trips in andaroud Rome.
Anyway, we enjoyed a lot visiting all the museums. You should visit all of them because it's a good occasion so don't lose it! But don't forget to buy your ownguidebook. In my opinion, the one that the agency gave me include mistakes and limited information. Make sure that it includes cheap restaurants where you can go, because some of them canbe pricey, most of all when they are near the monuments.
Have a nice trip! Write me when you arrive home.
As a result of my experience, I would like to make anumber of recommendations for future tours.
Firstly, the agency should have an alternative arrangement if the bus breaks down, the guide gets sick or there is a problem. I dobelieve that it is important because it would gave an excellent impression of the agency to the travellers.
In second place, had i known the advertisement was so unexplicit, I wouldnot have chosen your agency. You should have provide it with reliable information. For instance, it would have been a good idea to explain that the admission costs were notincluded, because that fact is important.
Finally, you should improve the guidebook. It did not include up to date information. You should provide it with more usefull advices about themonuments, restaurants hotels and souvernir shops. Include information which is comprehensive.
I am looking forward to hearing further from your agency.
Yours faithfully
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