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|AP Computer Science |LabTEXT01 Java Assignment |
|First Java Program|60 & 100 Point Versions |
|Assignment Purpose:|
|The purpose of this lab assignment is to demonstrate knowledge of compiling a provided Java source code file into a byte code file, and theninterpreting and |
|executing the created bytecode file. |

This is yourfirst lab assignment. You are not yet expected to figure out any complicated program logic. As a matter of fact you will be provided with the source code of the 80-point version below. Your missionis to demonstrate that you can use a text editor to enter the source code, compile the source code into bytecode, and finally translate and execute the bytecode.

Remember one rule of Java is thatthe name of the file must match the name of the class. When you are finished, your instructor will grade your assignment. Start by displaying the execution on the monitor, which shows that theprogram compiles and processes the required output correctly. After your instructor has seen the execution, show the source code file.

Copy the program exactly as shown below: (change the CLASS name)[pic]

60 Point Version Output


100 Point Version Specifics

Make sure that you first save your 60-point version, in the event that you are not able to complete the...
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