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  • Publicado : 29 de agosto de 2012
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Fighting Style Easy-Switch
Be A Master Of Martial Arts In SA!
By xXxbBb
For San Andreas_____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Note : This 'README.rtf' is best viewed with WordPad with no wrap view option.
- This modwill make you able to switch fighting style easy and quickly. You won't have to go to the gym anymore to switch your fighting styles

- T + 1 =Switch to default fighting style (the fighting style that you have when you start a new game)
- T + 2 = Switch to Boxing
- T + 3 = Switch to Tae Kwon Do
- T + 4 = Switch to Kickboxing
- T + 5 =Switch to Pistol Whip (the way you hit someone with a gun, but with this mod you don't need any gun, useful to push someone backwards)

Installing Instruction-----------------------------
- Install the CLEO3 Library with the GXT Hook from or or anywhere else. If you already have it, you don't need to
installagain. If you don't install the GXT Hook then there will be no text when you switch fighting style, but it can still work.

- Put 'Fight.cs' and the 'CLEO_TEXT' folder to the 'CLEO' folder.----------------------------------
Uninstalling Instruction
- Remove the 'FIGHT.cs' from the 'CLEO' folder and 'FIGHT.fxt' from the 'CLEO_TEXT' folder which is insidethe 'CLEO' folder.

- If you want to distribute this mod then you shouldn't modify the 'README.txt'.
- If you want to improve this mod,then there's already a source inside this archive which will make you easier to improve it.
- If you want to include this mod in your mod, then put my name in your mod.

Thank You
For Downloading...