Doing business in guatemala

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  • Publicado : 26 de febrero de 2011
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Doing Business in Guatemala

* Today I’ll talk about “Business in Guatemala” I decided to talk about it cause I think that is really important to understand our own culture before understand thewhole world! Cause our behavior will depend on our values and customs.

* Guatemala is the most populous country in Central America, the ethnic composition consist of 45% Ladina, 45% Indian, 5%white, 2% black with the remaining 3% to include a substantial Chinese population.

* The president of the Republic of Guatemala is chief of state and head of the government.

* The economy isprimarily agricultural with main crops which are exported as sugarcane, corn bananas, coffee, beans and livestock.

* Spanish is the official language, over the 40% of the population speaks one of the 23Indian dialects used in the country’s interior. English is understood in tourist places.

* There is not official religion. Around the 75% of Guatemalans are Roman Catholics, with the 25%protestant.

* Guatemala has the highest Uncertainty Avoidance of all Latin countries at 101, indicating the society is extremely low level of tolerance for uncertainty; the society doesn’t readily acceptchange and is very risk adverse.

* Guatemala also has a high power distance which indicates that inequalities of power and wealth have been allowed to grow within society.

* We have the lowestIndividualism ranking at 6 compared to other Latin countries; it indicates that the society is collectivist. It means that is really important to be part of a group and have extended relationships inour country.

* There’s something really special and is that Guatemala has the largest divergence of Power Distance to individualism of any country surveyed in the world!

* You should know thatthis Central American country has it own customs and traditions when it comes to doing business.

* Dress Code/Appearance:
~ For business a light-weight suit is appropriate for men; women should...
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