Dorian grey

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  • Publicado : 16 de diciembre de 2010
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The last year I read The Picture of Dorian Gray by Oscar Wilde, a book about a handsome young man who doesn’t lose his beauty and youth and he has anexcessive admiration by himself. It is a book that mixes realism and fantasy because it shows how live the English bourgeoisie in this time and besides it added the fiction of eternal youth.

The storybegins in the studio of painter Basil Hallward, his client is a handsome young man called Dorian Grey. When the portrait is finished Dorian thinks one wish, he wants to be young and handsome foreverand he calls for his portrait ages instead of him. He meets Lord Henry Wotton and under his bad influence Dorian begins to live new experiences. He starts to become in a bad person, and he acts as ifhe hadn’t soul and heart. He realizes that his bad acts don’t change his appearance or his mood, but the changes are reflected in his portrait. The years pass and he continuous to be the same.

Oneday Basil, the painter, visits him. They talk about Dorian's behavior and decide to see the portrait, it is old and horrible. Basil is blamed by Dorian for everything that he has happened in his lifeand for loses his soul. In an act of madness Dorian kills the painter. After this, he follows his life as if nothing had happened. After that Dorian decides to do the good instead of wickedness anddecides to destroy the picture but he forget that his soul is inside the picture. His body is found on the floor, horrible, old and terrifying. And the picture shows a handsome young man.

The maincharacters are Dorian Grey, who is a handsome young man, Basil Hallward, who paints the picture of Dorian Gray, he is an artist, and finally Lord Henry Wotton, who is a friend to Basil initially andthen he corrupted Dorian with his vision of the world about the hedonism (search the pleasure without taking into account the moral). I find most interesting Lord Henry Wotton, because he had very...
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