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  • Publicado : 7 de septiembre de 2012
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Once upon a time there were these guys

Who were trained by this guy

Who invited this guy

To the final exam of these guys

Only she passes. But he’s only interested in these guys

Because he’s evil, and mistreated this guy

When he was his apprentice, breaking his heart in half and creating this guy

Who actually looks like this guy

Because when he was little

He shared hisheart with this guy to save him

So this guy

Teams up with this guy

In order to make these guys

Create this

So he can get his hands on this

And possess him,

since he’s getting old. But this guy

tries to stop all that. He fails, and dies, and white-hair possession takes place.

But this girl won’t stand for that, and beats him into submission

But she then gets trapped inthe realm of darkness after turning this

Into this

In order to save what’s left of

and to hide and protect

Whose heart is sleeping inside of

To recover from the damage caused by making this

Meanwhile this guy wakes up

With amnesia, and is taken in by this guy

Who rules this place

And runs a lab with these guys

So he takes him in

Eventually they meet this guyAnd becomes friends with this guy

Who refuses to allow this guy

To do dangerous experiments with the heart, so he teams up with these guys

To banish this guy

And assume his identity, and accidentally split themselves in two and release these guys

Who turn this place

Into this place

And start attacking other worlds, so this guy

Sets off on a quest to stop them. Meanwhile thisguy

Who’s friends with these guys

And lives here

Wants to travel to new places, but these guys

Destroy this place

And this guy

Manages to summon this

And fights them off only to find this guy

Who destroys his home and causes him to be whisked off to this place

Where he meets these guys

Who are looking for this thing

So they can all use it to save the worlds andbeat these things

But it’s all a ploy by her

So that she can get one of these

And manipulates this guy

To capture some princesses to do so. But this girl

Is the last one and her heart is hiding in this guy

So he stabs himself with this

In order to free her, turning himself into this

But accidentally releases this guy

Who looks like this guy

Because that’s what happenswhen you release a heart from its body. Meanwhile this guy

Finds this girl

And they hug and turn him back to normal. But this guy

Who is half of this guy

Who is claiming to be this guy

Possesses this guy

And he and this guy

Fight in some really cool places, and then he turns into an airship.

And they find one of these

Which this guy

Doesn’t fully comprehend, and isannihilated by it. And then these guys

Appear in the door to the realm of darkness left by this thing

But this guy

Teams up with this guy

Who seal the door, trapping themselves, and restore all the worlds that these guys

Have devoured so far. But these guys

End up here

Which has been taken over by these guys

Who are led by this guy

Who is the other half of this guyWho’ve captured this girl

Who can alter people’s memories of this guy

Meanwhile, these guys

Also end up here

And they proceed to wreak havoc among these guys

And in the end, only these guys are left

But because of what this girl

Did to this guy’s memory

He has to spend a year in one of these

So she can fix everything. On the way out, these guys

Meet this guy

Who’sactually this guy

And guides them on their way to reviving this guy.

But because this guy

Got released, this guy

Found him and is using his ability to wield this

To make one of these

For sinister purposes, under the promise of making these guys

Whole again. But this guy

Made this girl

Who’s a copy of the memories extracted by this girl

And is preventing her from...