Dr. jekyll and mr hyde

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Mr Utterson was a quiet serious lawyer. Every Sunday afternoon, he and his friend, mr enfield, walked together passed an old building next to a dark courtyard. The building had a dirty old door. Mr enfield stopped. “do you see that door?” he asked mr utterson, “I can tell you a very strange story about it” “oh, I’m always interested in strange stories,” said mr utterson looking atthe door. “please tell me!” “well, late one night, I was returning home and saw something very frightening,” said mr enfield. “I saw a little girl running down a small street and a man walking quickly on the main street. Unfortunately, the two of them collided at the corner and the girl fell to the ground. The came the terrible part. The man jumped repeatedly on the girl’s body while she layscreaming on the ground.” “he jumped on the girl’s body?” mr utterson interrupted “ yes, is was shocking! Well, I ran after the man, caught him and I disliked him immediately. The girl’s family and neighbours heard her screams and came quickly, and soon there was a group of people round the girl,. Someone brought a doctor and he examined the girl. Fortunately, there were no broken bones, but the girl.Fortunately, there were no broken bones, but the girl was very frightened. All this time, the man just stood there and watched. He didn’t apologize to the girl or to her parents.” “I can’t believe it!” mr utterson exclaimed. “oh, yes, it’s true,” said mr enfield. “everybody was very angry and we all agreed to punish the man. Finally, someone said him, “you seem to be from a good family. You don’twant a scandal, do you? So, pay the girl’s family a hundred pounds and we’ll let you go” “ the man looked at the angry faces around him. He was frightened and agreed to pay the money. The girl’s father, the doctor and I went with him to get the money. He brought us to that old door, took out a key, opened the door and went inside. A few minutes later, he came out with ten pounds and a cheque forthe other ninety pounds. But there was another person’s signature on the cheque. I know that, because we asked the man his name.” “maybe he forged the cheque.” Said mr utterson. “that’s what I thought” said mr enfield “ son I made a suggestion that we all got o the bank together in the morning I invited everybody including the strange man to my home and we passed the rest of the night there.inthe morning, we had breakfast and when the bank opened, we all went to the bank” and didi the bank accept the cheque?” asked mr utterson “yes they did”0 answered mr enfield “they grace us the money and so we let the man go home” but how did the man have a cheque with another person’s signature? Asked mr utterson “ I don’t know, but I suspect that it was blackmail “ said mr enfield. “ the name onthe cheque was the name of a well known person. Maybe this person one did something bad and agreed to pay money to keep it secret.” “ No, he doesn’t. He lives in another street. He told me his address,” answered Mr Enfield. “ The man comes to this building sometimes, but not very often. I came several times to the building to examine it. There isn’t another door and nobody goes in or out of thatone. There are three windows on the first floor of building. The windows are always shut but they’re clean, and smoke generally comes out of the chimney, so somebody probably lives there.”
“What is the name of the man?” asked Mr Utterson. “His name is Hyde,” answered Mr Enfield. “Tell me about him, “Mr Utterson said. He looked worried. “He’s not easy to describe,” answered Mr Enfield. “He’ssmall and he’s got dark hair. When you look at him, you feel something strange, come thing evil about him. He gives an impression of deformity. He’s detestable, but I can’t explain why!” Mr Utterson walked in silence for a few minutes. Then he asked, “ Are you sure that he used a key to open the door?” “That’s a strange question, “said Mr Enfield, surprised. “ Yes, I know ,” Mr Utterson continued,...
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