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  • Publicado : 29 de octubre de 2010
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Dracula, the musical is one of the most important Argentine music. It was written and directed by Pepe Cibrian, with music by Ángel Mahler and produced by Tito Lectoure.
History: Jonathan Harker,was employed by the firm Hawkins, the family is sent to Transylvania to hand over the deeds of properties purchased by Count Dracula.
When it is in Transylvania, the people will have the danger of theplace.Jonathan ignores them and with a driver decides to go the region, the cemetery is seduced by the vampire Countess Doling of Gratz, but with the help of the people can escape.
In Whitby, hisfiancée Mina Murray is waiting for news of him and he and his governess Nani welcome Lucy to marry Lord Arturo.
But to get to Whitby, Lucy feels that something strange happens. The Transylvanian takeJonathan to an inn and its owner reassures him saying that the comments are just legends. But receives an invitation sent to the castle of Count Dracula. The hostess reminded of the dangers that awaithim and gives him a crucifix to protect themselves. Meanwhile, in Whitby, a premonition of Lucy harasses every day and her mental condition worse.
Jonathan finally arrives at the home of Dracula,which is wrapped in magic, but thanks to the crucifix She escapes and is installed in the castle. Spend weeks and Count Dracula prepares for his departure he will do with their pets and Jonathan invitedto farewell party with his accomplices, Roma.
After this event, Jonathan discovers the secret of Dracula, who upon learning of it decided to leave the castle, taking the immediate memory of England.Once there, Lucy Dracula meets Lord Arthur's fiancée, which owns and is presented in the wedding party to perform the rite of the third bite and turn into a vampire.
But before doing so discoversMina. Mina, Dracula is trying to regain that lost history.
Dracula feels he will repeat the same story, because of their addiction to blood. So she decides to leave it free and sacrificing his...
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