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Journal of Jonathan Harker, "May 3, 1885. Finally my last trip is ending. The end I do not I will be able to foresee. But what can happen, I can be sure that I will have done everything in my power to succeed. The last lap of my journey, from the village of Klausenberg, has proved more difficult than anticipated due to the reluctance on the part of the driver of the car. however, as there was noother transportation available, I have traveled the last few miles to walk before arriving at Castle Dracula. The castle seemed pretty harmless in the hot afternoon sun, and everything seemed normal but there was one thing - they had no birds singing. While crossing the wooden bridge to get to the entrance, suddenly became colder.
HARKER: "Dear Harker, I feel that we can not know. Eat well, feelcomfortable. Dracula. "
HARKER: Sorry. Not hear inside. My name is Jonathan Harker. I am the new librarian.
WOMAN: You help me, right? Say you, please.
HARKER: How I can help?
WOMAN: Take me away from here.
HARKER: But why?
WOMAN: The prisoner has of me.
HARKER: Who? Count Dracula?? Sorry, but I do not understand.
WOMAN: Oh, please! Please help me to escape.
HARKER: Count Dracula? . I'm glad you arrived safely.
DRACULA: I am Dracula. And my house is bienvenidoen. I must apologize for not being here to greet you personally, but I hope you have found everything I needed.
HARKER: Thank you, sir.
DRACULA: It was the least I could do after such a trip.
HARKER: Yes, it is a long trip.
DRACULA: And tired to you, no doubt. Let me showyou your room.
HARKER: (picking up the suitcase) thanks, sir.
DRACULA: Please allow me. Unfortunately, my housekeeper is not for now. A loss of the family, you understand.
HARKER: Yes, of course.
DRACULA: However, I think you will find that everything has been prepared for your convenience.
HARKER: When I can start work, sir?
DRACULA: As soon as you want. There are a large number of volumesthat need to be indexed.
DRACULA: Need something more Mr. Harker?
HARKER: No, I think not. It was nice.
DRACULA: On the contrary, it is entirely my privilege. I consider myself lucky to have found such a distinguished scholar to be my librarian.
HARKER: I like the silence and withdrawal. This home offers this.
DRACULA: Then we're both satisfied. An admirablearrangement. But there's just one more thing, Mr. Harker. I have to leave and not return until after sunset. But, until then your house is my house. Good night, Mr. Harker.
HARKER: Good evening, sir.
Universal DRACULA
(HARKER unpacking)
DRACULA: As I will be away for so long, I think it is best that you should have a key to the library, Mr. Harker.
HARKER: Thank you.
DRACULA:You will find the library to the left of the hallway.
HARKER: Yes, certainly.
DRACULA: his wife?
HARKER: No, my fiancee.
DRACULA: You are a very lucky man, Mr. Harker. Could you tell me your name?
HARKER: Lucy ... Lucy Holmwood.
DRACULA: charming, very charming.
HARKER: You are very kind
DRACULA: Good evening. Sleep well, Mr. Harker.
Dracula comes in the door making sure
HARKER: (writein journal): I finally met the Count Dracula. He accepts me as a man who has agreed to work with his books ... as I thought. Now only will await daylight hours with the help of God, I will end forever the reign of terror of this man.
Harker enters the room
WOMAN: (appearing from behind door) Mr. Harker, will you help me?
HARKER: If there is possibility. But, tell me, why is Count Dracula'sprisoner?
WOMAN: I can not say that.
HARKER: But if I want help, I know.
WOMAN: I'm sorry. It is not possible.
HARKER: You are making this very difficult for me. After all, I am a guest here. If you want help, I have a reason.
WOMAN: A right! You ask for a reason! There is sufficient reason he mantieneprisionera me in this house, and I stopped Against my will? You have no idea what is evil man...
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