Drogadiccion en menores de edad

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  • Publicado : 28 de septiembre de 2010
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* Laura Montesinos

* Marianna Silva Apanco

* Luis Alberto Muñoz Velázquez

* Carlos Rodrigo Chu SilvaYucatán is one of the 32 States, which completes with the Distrito Federal the 32 entities. Is located at the South-east of México.
At current time, this placebelongs to the new 7 wonders, cause of its beauties in ancient architecture.

The weather of Yucatán is one of the hottest of México, because it´sgeografical location (at the south of the Tropic of cáncer), this throw´s a hot sub-humid weather.
At the same time this cause that Yucatán owns an specialkind of “Biodiversity & Flora”. For Example the RAINFOREST and the FLAMINGOS.

“The tourist sector”
in Yucatán represents an important economic activityfor the State and also for the region, in comparative terms, the tourism in this place is one of the most dynamic of México.

“Archaelogical Centres”Chichén-Itzá




“Typical Gown´s”
The typical gown of men is the famous “GUAYABERA”, could be like a T-shirt or Long-shirt. TheColour of this, depends in the occasion and weather. To complete it, you have to use it with white trousers.
For women the typical gown is the “HUIPIL” or“Terno”, this is used in special occasions; the gown is completed with a muffler.

The gastronomy in this place has a different and special flavor, fromthe rest of the Republic, the spices are part of the secret, also the water of the region plays its part, these have influence of the original Mayan kitchen.
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