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  • Publicado : 6 de junio de 2010
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The impact of the narcotics in the society
Over 200,000 people dies at year from this cause.
Drogadiction is a serious social problem. Teenagers, the family and all the community is affected bythis disease. Also affects the health and her personal develop. Young people use these narcotics to enjoy the life o find an exit to all of their responsibilities. The ingesting of these substances maycause different behavior like they don’t risk measure or the consequences of what are they doing.
At first you get some bonus apparent, as with a habit sooner rather than later, his behavior beginsto have negative consequences in your life. Addictive behaviors produce pleasure, relief and other compensation in the short term but cause pain, devastation, desolation and a multitude of problems inthe medium term. The negative consequences associated with addiction affect many different aspects of a person's life.
Drug addicts, are often involved in assaults, public disorder, racialconflicts, marginalization, etc..
When you start to need more drugs than other people may be ruined or destroyed intimate relationships and friendships lost. You can stop participating in the world, dropgoals and plans, but grow as a person, not a constructive attempt to solve problems and use more drugs as a "solution."
The abuse of drugs can also harm others, for example, the money being paid drugscan deprive family life satisfaction as food or clothing. Discussing the problems and issues of addiction can lead to family conflicts. Violent reactions to drugs may lead the user to commit assaultsand even murder. If a pregnant woman take drugs without medical supervision can cause birth defects in the new being who is in management.
Some examples are:
* School performance: If you get badgrades, missing classes or develop a bad behavior;
* Interest in activities: if you lose interest in usual hobbies, favorite sports or activities;
* Routines: if you eat too much or stop...
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