Drug legalization

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  • Publicado : 19 de julio de 2010
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Marihuana Drug Legalization

Legalization of drugs is a taboo; in religion and politics. Clearly, opinions on the matter are rarely yes or not. Positions are oftenbased in morality, faith and frankly. Most commonly, the drug legalization debate is centered on marihuana; the fact is if the marihuana were legalized all the drugs willbe legalized too. Unfortunately, we cannot deny that market for purchase and sale drugs exits.

The Marihuana drug generally is less harmful than alcohol or tobacco ifused in moderation and for some people the marijuana is one of life's little pleasures like sex, alcohol, or cigarettes. Also the legalization of this drug has advantagesand economy benefits, for example: Taxes used to combat drugs could be used in health care, education, social programs etc. Police and court resources would be freed upfor more serious crimes; drug dealers would lose most or all of their business; In addition there are medical benefits, the most important are in the treatment of patientsundergoing chemotherapy and in the treatment of depression.
On the other hand the legalization of the Marihuana represents some problems such as the legalization wouldincrease the chances of the drug falling into the hands of kids; people who use marihuana could consume heroin, cocaine, or other harder drugs in the future.

Discussabout the drug legalization often causes controversy. The risk of population is extremely important in this issue. The crimes rates in some areas would increasedrastically: traffics, violations and different kind of crimes would be committed while people are intoxicated. In my opinion the legalization of drugs should not be allowed.
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