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Essay Earth 2100
The movie tells us about the problems since 2009, and the future problems that might happen if we don’t change the way we live today.
Some of the solutions are the solar panels andthe tram.
If we continue living as long as we have been, the cost of food, gas and oil will increase.
The people will look for another way to get these resources.
There would be a Global crisisif we don’t change.
There are good solutions but some of them keep causing damages to the planet. For example the use of carbon instead of gasoline.
Reduce the use of gas but it produces a lot ofsmoke.
By 2030 some countries like Las Vegas, Phoenix and Tucson will be under water stress, some others will be deserts, and another like Asia won’t have enough water for their crop.
The populationwill increase a lot. And because of the extreme weather they will move from one place to other causing serious troubles.
Across the time the world has suffered several extinctions caused by droughts,wars starvation and cannibalism.
Some civilizations in the past like Mayas, Romans and the Byzantine Empire disappear because they couldn’t solve their problems like we are doing now. They lost thefight.
2050- There is no more water to survive. The bugs will move too. And hundreds of acres of corn will be attacked.
Storms, migrations, droughts will destroy cities.
New York is one of thecities that are helping to stop and fix the damages.
There will be new diseases, viruses, and the people will be vulnerable.
Some beaches will disappear, and there’s going to be a lot of methane in theair if the thunder melts and global temperatures will rise.
This is the worst thing that could happen if we don’t make changes immediately.
Other solutions:
We could save energy, buy ecologicproducts, have our greenhouse, solar panels, save water, recycle, use the bike or walk instead of the car, not wasting food, making compost.
My career teaches us to look the world and admire all the...
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