Battered womens

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There are many causes of human behavior in all its diversity, and the same applies specifically to criminal conduct. The increase in global violence and crimes and criminal acts, and receives priority attention. Thus Psychiatry Annual Convention, APA (American Psiquiatric Association), held in Pennsylvania in 2002 studied the relationship of mental disorders with violence and aggressive behavior.Other professions, governments, countries and organizations such as the World Health Organization have been forced to urgently address the phenomenon because of its menacing and constantly increasing. Some studies identify the causes and etiology variables from the biological perspective, sociological and psychological.

Biological causes


The large number of studies to explaincriminality in the biological perspective is not an event, fashion or new pattern. However, research now turn to explore new or more specific variables, including a huge variety of physical factors such as altered levels of serotonin (a biochemical perspective, chemical imbalances), changes in the frontal lobe, ADD (Deficit Disorder care), high testosterone levels combined with low levels of serotonin, lowlevels of cholesterol, the overall effect of androgens, the effect of various drugs self-induced (ingested), the effects of diets (nutritional approach) alterations of copper and zinc, the effect of traumas and accidents, the effect of war trauma or stressful events in natural disasters (post-traumatic stress syndrome), the effect of environmental pollution and toxins, hyperactivity, cognitiveproblems, the effect smoking in the mother on children, effect of uric acid, genetic predisposition, and the relationship between altered emotional states (depression and anxiety) and criminal behavior, among many others. 

What follows is a brief summary of some of the many studies being conducted in this area of study in the relationship between organic factors and criminal behavior.

As forbiochemical disorders: Serotonin (serotonin)

Richard Wurtman (1) has found that diets high protein low carbohydrate and affect normal levels of serotonin, a neurotransmitter is natural that when altered or abnormal levels of brain effects associated with suicidal tendencies, aggression and violence, alcoholism and impulsive behavior. The normal functions of serotonin are the regulation of arousal,mood, sexual activity, aggression and impulse control. Some studies associate low levels of serotonin, aberrant violent behavior. Jeffrey Halperin (2) compared aggressive with non-aggressive boys, both diagnosed with ADD (attention deficit) combined with a diagnosis of hyperactivity. They were given the drug fenfluramine, which causes the system responses serotonergénico. The results showedpositive changes in aggressive children to lower your levels of serotonin. Finally, studies in monkeys consistently show high levels of aggression when serotonin levels are low (4).

Congenital: Fetal Alcohol Syndrome

Studies by Ann Streissguth (5) found that 6.2% of adolescents and adults who show significant levels of maladaptive behavior were born under conditions of Fetal Alcohol Syndrome.This conduct evidenced impulsivity, lack of consideration for others, lying, cheating, stealing, and alcohol or drug addiction. They were also difficult to live independently of parents, poor social trial and difficulties in sexual behavior, loneliness and depression. However, while always thought that the mother's alcoholism is the most affected, have also begun studies on the role of alcoholismin the father. Studies by Theodore Cicero (6) found that children of alcoholic men tend to have behavioral problems and problems in intellectual skills. Cicero suggests that this is directly related to the effect of alcohol on sperm or gonads.

The effect of shock-trauma and frontal lobe changes

Alan Rosenbaum (7) conducted a study which finds that the above brain injury behavioral changes...
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