Ecofriendly life

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  • Publicado : 21 de noviembre de 2010
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The concept of green living includes recycling of waste, using eco-friendly technological solutions, conservation of resources, using eco-friendly building materials, eating organic foods and so on.Green Technology
the technology that is eco-friendly includes any type of technology, which can help the environment and save our planet. Green technology allows us to come up with better greenbuilding techniques, preserve soil fertility and health, develop eco-friendly power grids etc. It is only due to green technology that there are alternative-energy home fueling systems. There are talksabout the hydrogen economy too, which will benefit the environment a whole lot.

Green Lifestyle
If you want to truly lead a green life, you need to consider how each action of yours impacts theenvironment and the eco-systems. Your main aim should be to minimize the ecological footprint, so that you can protect the planet and the environment. You need to remember that our planet needs our helpnow, and we have to protect it for our future generations.

Green Building Strategies
To save the environment and go green, you need to use eco-friendly materials in designing and buildinghomes/offices. Some buildings are called ‘zero-energy buildings’. What this means, is that the total energy consumption of these buildings over an entire year is zero. They make use of alternative sources ofenergy such as wind and solar energy. Such buildings are wonderful for the environment, and form an integral part of green living.

Green / Eco-friendly Foods
Eco-friendly/organic foods are thosefood products, which are processed and packaged without the use of any chemicals. These foods are extremely good for your health and so, several people are turning to organic foods. These days, thereare several reports confirming how chemicals that are present in our food chain, affect us. Thus, organic food is a great choice for healthy living.

Green Energy Resources
It is important to...