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Economic activity

Humans have various needs, and try to meet them to develop to the best of our lives. Many of these needs are met or satisfied using and enjoyment of satisfiers weuse in our daily life: food, , clothing, transportation, education, communications, recreation and finance. Other satisfiers are obtained from human activities like
economic calls, which aredivided into primary, secondary and tertiary. • Regions agricultural, livestock, forestry, fishing and mining. • Primary Activities: agriculture. • Spaces of basic industry, manufacturing and manufacturer.• Trade flows, transport and communication networks. • tourist areas. • Financial services. GLOBALIZATION AND SOCIAL INEQUALITY. • Globalization. International economic organizations and multinationalcorporations. • Main trade regions and cities. • Socioeconomic inequality.
The most important domestic products of Mexico. Are Petroleum importance of remittances, tourism and maquila.

Types ofEconomic Activities
In all human community is a division of labor, which benefits all its members. There are three types of economic activity: primary, secondary and tertiary. According to thehypothesis of the three sectors, the more advanced or developed an economy is, more weight is less than the service sector and the primary sector. Economic activity differs from the economic act.
Primaryeconomic activities
Are those that are devoted purely to the extraction of natural resources, whether for consumption or for marketing. They are classified as primary: agriculture, livestock, timberand commercial fishing, mining, etc..Secondary economic activities Within the same, light industries producing goods for immediate consumption as food, shoes, bags, toys, while heavy machinery andother inputs for other sectors in manufacturing are responsible for the development of more complex products through transformation of the raw materials. Only in Mexico, 54% of the population is...
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