Economias financieras

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Financial economics:
The due will be obtained apart from the sale of the product.
In broad terms, costs that can produce a company can be one of the following group:
- Buy raw material.-Supplies expenses (telephone, water, gas, light, etc).
-Financial expenses (taxes, loans).
-Personal expenses (wages).
-Logistical expenses (transport of the goods which is delivered after beingproduced).
Market analysis
This section of the Business Plan will help us to determine the existence of a market for the product or service, and using the information obtained may devise a strategy ofpenetration and differentiation of the same.
A market analysis should include the following points:
General aspects of this sector

In this sector where it will be the new product or service. They haveto analyze the forecasts and the growth potential of the sector, and it is necessary to delve into questions such as: is it a growing or declining market? Is a concentrated or fragmented sector?,there are factors that may influence the current market structure significantly?, new trends in the industry, socio-economic factors, demographic trends, etc.?.
We must analyze the current size of themarket, the percentage of growth or decrease of the same and potential clients buying behaviors.

Potentials customers

The market study must determine who they are and will be potential customers.They should be grouped into relatively homogeneous groups with common characteristics.

Competition analysis

The promoter must know the type of competitors that will stop and their strengths andweaknesses. You must have information about its location, characteristics of their products or services, their prices, its quality and the effectiveness of its distribution, its market share, itstrade policies etc.
Examples of competition:
-Second hand store (encants de Barcelona)
-Chinese products
-eafit (university)
-products designers (
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