Eduard strelstov

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Eduard Streltsov was the best Russian football player in the last part of the 50s. He was handsome, he was young and he was an awesome footballplayer. Until this part, he was perfect. However, he did not play the World Cup in 1958 for the URSS because of politics ideas.

Eduard Streltsov start playing for Torpedo Moscow at the age of 16. In 2years, he had showed his amazing talent as a striker scoring a lot of goals. He also played for the national team. He was invited to a party before the World Cup of 1958 organised by the GeneralKarahanov from the URSS army. The General invited Strelstov to a party, but the purpose it was not a party, it was a meeting to tell something to the young player.

The Communist Government had thesuspicion that Strelstov had different ideas, totally different than the Communism. During the meeting the General told Strelstov to avoid telling anything in public and also he told him to stop joininganti-communism meetings and reunions. Strelstov was contrary to the Dictatorial Communism Government. The General also forced him to leave his team (Torpedo Moscow) to sign for CSKA Moscow (Communistteam) or to sign for Dynamo (KGB team) but Strelstov did not accept the offer because he did not agree with those teams’ ideas and managers.

He was the best Russian player. He was young and awesomeand a lot of girls suspired for him. During the party he was dancing, drinking and having a great time. At the end of this party, he had the meeting and then he was arrested by the Russian police. Hewas accused of the murder of a young girl and he was sent to a gulag (punishment camp at Siberia).

He was a threat or the Government because he was an emergent star who had contrary ideas ofCommunism and he could be a example person where young people would like to imitate.

He had a punish living at the gulag for 5 years. He also got the punishment of not playing anymore as a professional...
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