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Eduardo Galeano
1. In La Cultura del miedo, the author describes the United States as being some sort of paradise. He said that we are scared of the collapse and the unpredictability of the economy, of causing racial tensions, and of causing social furies. I think he was trying to say that we all try to live in a safe and perfect environment, but that is not possible and we are still scared ofmany other things. For example, if you smoke, then you will get cancer, if you eat too much, you will get high cholesterol, and if you drink, you will get into accidents.
2. The author’s idea of an official history needs to be the true facts. He said that the traditional and true history of America is a history of incessant dignity. I think he titled this fragment “El Secuestro de la Historia”because he is looking at the young generation today and how they do not know their real history. Basically they are only being told about the rich people, the white people, and the people who were in the military from the past. He thinks that they should be told about every group of people so that they know the real history of where certain things came from. At the end, he says that if we don’t teachhistory the right way, then in the future, the minds of everyone are going to be very weak.

Vuelva Usted Manana
1. I think the author thinks of laziness as being a mortal sin that many people would not consider to be something so bad. He says that many people have done long and profound studies about laziness and other people seem to think that there are other, more important sins to worryabout. He also says that if we continue to be lazy, the gates have been closed and still will be closed to Heaven. The author speaks of the Spanish society as trying to preserve their national character just like the historical ruins that they have preserved. But, the society has changed over time and most Spaniards have become ignorant of their basic characteristics and it is not fair for them tothink that foreigners cannot understand them easily.
2. The man that wanted to settle an inheritance issue was planning to be in Spain for about fifteen days. The essay writer does not agree with this time frame because he says that the foreign man is too used to his bustling and businesslike surroundings back home. The essay writer says that the foreigner will be in Spain for more than two monthsbecause he will not be able to speak to a single person that he needs cooperation with.
3. During the first two weeks that the foreigner was in Madrid, he was told by the maid of the genealogist to come back every day for several days. Finally, the foreigner and the essay writer got to meet with the genealogist and by the 15th day the document was ready. The reason why it wasn’t ready until thelast day was because the genealogist forgot the document and the final copy needed to be touched up.
4. When the genealogist said that the document was ready, he apparently misunderstood the last name of the foreigner because of his accent. The foreigner seemed to be depressed by this because it would take a number of days to finish the new document. The official said that the document left theoffice at such and such a date and also that it never reached to the office at all. The foreigner and the essay writer had to write up a new document and go through the entire process over and over again. Then, after much time of waiting, they finally got the document back but their proposal was denied.
5. It ended up taking six months for the inheritance file to process and be denied.
6. I thinkthe title of this essay is definitely suitable for this essay. In Spain, everyone seems to be more relaxed and laid-back about everything. The foreigner found this out the hard way by being told to come back tomorrow with everything that he was trying to accomplish in a matter of days. Somebody that has lived in an environment like that their entire lives, like the essay writer, knows what to...
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