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1. Write the name in the gap and try to remember it.
When a player places the ball on or over the line it is called a try.
After it, he/she can converting a kick 2 more points ifhe/she kicks the ball over the
horizontal post of the ___________________ and between the vertical posts. This is
called a _____________________.
When you play rugby you can pass the ball to a playerof your team
backwards or sideways but never forwards.
A defender tries to stop an attacker doing a catching him/her.
When you hit the ball with your foot it is called a lineout.


Answer these questions if you were Brian
1. How many caps have you achieved? I have 101 test caps, 95 for Ireland (55 as captain), and six for the British and Irish Lions.
2. You have manyrecords as a try scorer, can you tell me about them and which one of them you
consider the most important and why? During this time I have scored 38 tries for Ireland and 1 try for the Lions in 2001,making me the highest try scorer of all time in Irish Rugby. He is joint 11th-highest try scorer in Rugby Union history, and the highest scoring centre of all time. He holds the Irish Six Nations recordfor most tries scored with 21. , but I couldn't tell which is the most important.
3. Can you define your playing style and what are your main characteristics and skills? With my poise, my change ofspeed and my closeness to the ground it is very hard to stop me.
4. In 2008 you were awarded with a non sport recognition, how do you feel after receiving such an
important distinction? For me it wasgreat, I could not believe it. I was like a dream.

Fill the gap.
Offside in open play
If a player is in front of a team-mate in possession of the ball, or in
front of theirteam-mate who last played the ball, they will be offside if:
They are actively trying to play the ball
They move towards the opponents or the place where the ball lands without first coming back...
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