Educating rita

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“Educating Rita” is a movie starring by a literature teacher and a young hairdresser woman from the working class. She wishes to find herself before having ababy or getting married, so she starts a literature course because she believes by doing this she is making herself seem a little bit more sophisticated and she thinks that in literature she will findwhat she has not found in the other learning that she has had so far. Frank, his tutor, is disappointed at his labor as a teacher and at his students that do not have any new original thought. Rita andFrank meet each other by chance under the assumption that Rita has in her mind: “education make us free”.

First of all, Rita has been observing the world around her and she notices that the modelof woman represented in her mother, her sister and her clients is not the model that she wants to follow. As a consequence of this, Rita believes that education represented in literature is the toolthat will become her free, real, true. Miguel de Unamuno in “Monodiálogos”[1] talks about education and he considers that the instruction is a useful tool to form minds that will be able to think fromthe definite knowledge, from the truth, and in that way a person can build an evolutionary path to the ideal of human perfection. It means that education is a process and a result of an intentionalimprovement of human faculties and the instruction is the appliance to reach that goal. Undoubtedly Rita wants to reach, at least, her course, her way in which she can feel good with herself; maybe shecannot reach the human perfection as a general term but her good felling with the thing she does in life may be sufficient to her.

On the other hand, Rita is immersed in a state of insecurity thatis produced by the collision caused by the two worlds in which she lives in between: her personal world that includes her family, her work, her beliefs and her knowledge - this world causes...
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