Education system structure

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Junior School or Primary School
Year 3, age 7 to 8
Year 4, age 8 to 9
Year 5, age 9 to 10
Year 6, age 10 to 11
Middle School or HighSchool
Year 7, old First Form, age 11 to 12
Year 8, old Second Form, age 12 to 13
Year 9, old Third Form, age 13 to 14
Upper School or Secondary School
Year 10, old Fourth Form, age 14 to 15
Year 11,old Fifth Form, age 15 to 16
Sixth Form College
Year 12 or Lower Sixth, age 16 to 17
Year 13 or Upper Sixth, age 17 to 18

Basically, the USA education systemcomprises of 12 grades of study over 12 calendar years of primary and secondary education before graduating and becoming eligible for college admission. After pre-kindergarten and kindergarten, thereare five years in primary school. After completing five grades, the student will enter 'secondary school' to get the 'high school diploma' after successful completion of twelve grades.
A) PreschoolUnder 6
B) Pre-kindergarten 3-4
C) Kindergarten 4-6
D) Elementary School
1st grade    6-7
2nd grade    7-8
3rd grade    8-9
4th grade    9-10
5th grade    10-11
E) Middle School
6th grade   11-12
7th grade    12-13
8th grade    13-14
F) High School
9th grade (freshman)    14-15
10th grade (sophomore)    15-16
11th grade (junior)    16-17
12th grade (senior)    17-18

Those whocomplete high school and would like to attend college or university must attend 'undergraduate' school. These are schools that offer either a two-year degree or a four-year degree in a specific course ofstudy. The course of study is called the 'major', which comprises of the main or special subjects.
The next level of education system in the US is 'graduate school'. After getting the undergraduatedegree, the education can be continued for next two levels. The first one is, studying to get 'master's degree' as an extended specialized study of the subject taken up in the under graduation...
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