Ego contra consciencia

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  • Publicado : 3 de marzo de 2011
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Ego vs Awareness

Many psychological studies have shown that it is not possible to be in a state of love and anger at the same time. At any one given moment it is either anger or love.This same notion applies to self awareness and ego. It is not possible to be focused on your awareness and your ego at the same time. Awareness is about noticing what you are doing, observingyourself. Ego is about protecting yourself. So we are either being guided by our ego or our awareness.
You are in a meeting, someone mentions something, your ego picks up on it, starts tothink about what they said, why they said it etc. Before you know it you have missed five minutes of a conversation, if not even longer. You have faded out. The same applies when you respondto something someone says. You can respond by being aware of what they said, the language they used and what is occurring in that moment for them to create the conversation they are having.Or you can hear something they say, attach a feeling to it, either anger, or another emotion and then react to the emotion.
Our ego removes us from being present. Our ego places meaning onthings that don't exist. Our ego is like a case that we carry around with us full of memories, emotions and battles fought. Our ego reinterprets reality and then makes us believe the newstory we have created is real. Our self awareness has no baggage. It is having an acute sense of what is going on right in the minute that you are in. You see reality for what it is; a range offacts.

It is true that oftentimes our focus on protecting ourselves (ego), our created images and beliefs of who we are can result in a defensive stance which takes us away from dealingwith the root causes or seeking opportunities based in being aware of who we are, our passions, hopes, capabilities, unique desires, dreams and sense of fulfillment. Well said.

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