Einstein big idea

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Einstein's Big Idea is about the many contributions of earlier scientists leading Einstein to come up with E=mc2. It's also about the later usefulness of E=mc2 in nuclear physics.Unlike Einstein Revealed, which is a story almost entirely about the life of Einstein (private and public); Einstein's Big Idea is a story about science with its ups and downs. There are also some peoplestories as well, but they are added for dramatic value, which in my view helps instead of hinders the program.

Einstein’s Big Idea
Thi is a historical context of Einstein's brilliant insight intothe relationship between mass and energy, in the form of the equation E = mc2. From the time of the French revolution to the splitting of the atom - a span of nearly two centuries - the history ofmatter, energy, and how they relate are explored in this fascinating documentary, with excellent re-enactments. A hundred years ago, a deceptively simple formula revealed a hidden unity, buried deep inthe fabric of the universe. It tells of a fantastic connection between energy, matter and light. Its author was a youthful Albert Einstein. It's the most famous equation in the world: E = mc2. But whilewe've all heard of Einstein's big idea, few of us know what it really means. In fact, E = mc2 is so remarkable that even Einstein wasn't sure if it meaning.
The story of E = mc2 starts long beforeEinstein, with the discovery of "E" —for energy. In the early 19th century, scientists didn't think in terms of energy. They thought in terms of individual powers or forces. These were alldisconnected, unrelated things: the power of the wind, the force of a door closing, a crack of lightning. The idea that there might be some sort of overarching, unifying energy which lay behind all these forceshad yet to be revealed. One lowly man's drive to understand the hidden mysteries of nature would begin to change all that.
All started when Albert Einstein and what would I see if I rode on a beam...
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