Vodafone Spain

EVO Bulletin
December 2009

Welcome to the first Vodafone Spain EVO Bulletin. As you all know, last October we began implementing EVO in Spain. EVO is a globalproject which aims to create a common operations model in all countries for Finance, Purchasing and Human Resources, based on a common ERP which is SAP. The planned date for its implementation is October2010. To guarantee the success of a project of this importance, a work area has been created (EVO Space) in Castellana Norte with more than 150 professionals from different companies (VF Spain, VFGroup, Accenture, IBM, Stratesys and KPMG), organized into different workgroups and focused solely on making sure that the project is up and running by the scheduled date. This bulletin is designed for allpeople involved in the project, particularly those not participating in it directly. The support work you are providing is a vital part of guaranteeing the continuation of our day-to-day operations,which is why we want you all to receive, each month, up-to-date information on the project’s progress and the most important news from each work group provided by the Process Leads for each function.We are aware of the importance of this project for the future of our operations and the dedication and effort it requires of everybody involved directly or indirectly in it. We would therefore like tothank you all for your good work so far and ask you for your continued support and effort to enable the successful implementation of the EVO project in Spain. With the festive season upon us, I wouldalso like to take this opportunity to wish you all a well earned rest and very happy holidays. Fernando García Bermejo

EVO Bulletin
December 2009

Vodafone Spain

Corners - FIN
¡We have auniform financial model, even more so with the Group model! • The Finance project team has been working jointly with Vodafone Group professionals, Systems and the team implementing the analysis of... [continua]

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