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Margarita had a problem. Her attention deficit disorder symptoms were affecting her work and she was on the verge of being fired. Her greatest difficulty was in prioritizing her tasks; shetended to major instead the minors.  Through counseling, she determined to make a desesperate effort to communicate with her boss about her problems. She did not make demands but suggested certainways the boss could help her be a better worker. First, she asked if she could meet with the boss for a few minutes at the start of each day to go over her list of things to do. The boss would identifythe most important projects for her to face. Diane asked for "time spacing" on her monthly reports in mid month. Previously, she had waited until the last minute to prepare these, but now she askedher boss to hold her accountable to those earlier deadlines.  Diane also asked for a flex time arrangement. She knew she had to be there for most of the working day, but she got her best work done whenno one else was around. The boss agreed to let her come to work an hour-and-a-half late and stay an hour-and a-half late, so she could have that time at the end of her working day. In fact, the bossagreed to all her suggestions. He had to spend a few extra minutes with her, but he got a much more effective employee out of this arrangement.

For and against
Pets have accompanied mankind sincethe dawn of history. Some people either hate or love this accompaniment. For sure, there are various disadvantages and advantages of having a pet, which I will try to point out in my essay.
In myopinion, one major advantage of having a pet is that they can replace people and become one of our nearest and dearest. For instance, if someone lives alone he would find it very enjoyable of having apet. Furthermore, presence of an animal at home may provide greater feeling of security (especially when this pet is a dog). In addition to this, pets often play the main role in both, the handicapped...