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1. Vandalism should ______________ (punish) more severely. Vandals should_____________(sentence) to a month of community service.
2. More shoplifters___________(catch) these days because of allthe cameras
they have in stores .Just the same, most shoppers are honest, and they really
shouldn’t __________(videotape).
3. People who speed hardly ever ______________(stop) by the police.The laws
against speeding should_______________(enforce)more strictly.
4. Lots of executives______________(catch) stealing from their companies,
but they________________(not send) to prison forvery long. It doesn’t seem right.
5. A big problem is that most criminals never______________(catch), and the ones
that__________(arrest) often____________(not convict).
6. People under 18shouldn’t _________________ (give) a prison sentence if they
commit a crime. They should just ____________(put) on probation.______________________________________________________________________

1. I was going to meet my friend in downtown San Francisco.
I don't know how it happened, but I___________
a) was lost b) got lost
2. I called my friend on my cell phone andwas getting directions, when suddenly the connection_________and I heard the dial tone.   I returned to my hotel
a) was lost b) got lost
3. Later that night, I received a call from myfriend.   I__________to go to a party at the Greek Embassy where he worked.
a) got invited b) was invited
4. I told him I couldn't go because I___________by my boss to give a presentation earlyin the morning and I had a lot of work to do.
a) was picked b) got piked
5. He assured me that we wouldn't be out too late, so I _______quickly and left the hotel.
a) was dressed b) gotdressed
6. Fortunately, I______________ a map before I left the hotel.
a) was given b)got given
7. As I was leaving the hotel, I almost______________ by a taxi.
a)got hit b)was...
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