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Have and Have Got - Quiz
Complete the following sentences using either 'have' or 'have got'. In some cases both forms are possible.Click on the arrow to see the answer.
Principio del formulario
* Peter a beautiful new house in the countryside.
* (she) any children?
* Ia fantastic apartment in New York when I lived there.
* Tom a shower at the moment. Can you call back later?
* I'm afraid we enough space in the garage.
* My son breakfast before he goesto school.
* I think she a new job soon.
* (you) dinner early or late?
* (you) time to see me tomorrow afternoon?
* They usually a lot of free time during the summer.
Final delformulario
If you had problems with this quiz, visit the Have and Have Got explanation page.

Here is a grammar chart showing the construction of the two forms:
Positive I, You, We, They HAVE GOTSubject + have + got + objects
They have got a new car. Contracted: They've got a new car.
Positive He, She, It HAVE GOT
Subject + has + got + objects
He has got a new car. Contracted: He's got a newcar.
Positive I, You, We, They HAVE
Subject + have + objects
They have a new car. There is no contracted form
Positive He, She, It HAVE
Subject + have + objects
She has a new car. There isno contracted form
Question I, You, We, They HAVE GOT
(?) + have + subject + got?
How many children have you got? There is no contracted form
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