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4 Weeks to a Better Body
Target your butt, legs, and abs.
* 20 minutes of cardio activity
If you work out in a gym, try running on an elliptical trainer or riding an exercise bike withlittle or no resistance. If you work out at home, try walking briskly, jogging, or shadow boxing.
* 20 squats
To do: Stand with your hands by your sides. Sit back while raising your arms in frontof you for balance until thighs are parallel to the floor. Resume your starting position.
* 20 lunges
To do: Stand with your hands on your hips. Step forward with your right leg until your rightthigh is parallel to the floor. Resume your starting position, then step forward with your left leg.
* 25 dead lifts
To do: Stand with your arms hanging in front of your body with a three- tofive-pound weight in each hand. Bend forward from your waist until your knuckles touch the floor. Resume your starting position.
* 40 crunches
* 40 reverse curls
To do: Lie on your back withyour arms by your sides. Raise your legs toward the ceiling until they are perpendicular to it. Raise and then lower your butt two to four inches off the floor.
Target your arms and chest* 20 minutes of cardio activity
15 to 20 regular or bent-knee push-ups, whichever you feel you can handle.
* 20 chest presses 
To do: Lie on the floor with a three- to five-pound weight in eachhand, arms bent, hands by your shoulders, palms facing each other. Push and rotate the weights toward the ceiling until your arms are straight and your palms are facing your toes. Slowly resume yourstarting position.
* 20 chair dips
To do: Sit on the edge of a chair with your knees bent, feet flexed, toes up with your weight on your heels. Grab the front of the seat, wrapping your fingersunderneath. Keeping your back straight, use your arms to lower your torso in front of the chair until your elbows are shoulder-level. Resume the previous position.
* 40 biceps curls (20 per arm)...
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