El cazador de bichos

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Newsland Archer is a gentleman lawyer. He is a fashionable young man. He lovesthe opera. He wants a wife clever with amusing conversation. The rules of society for him were as important as life and death.

May Welland is a young woman with a little less tall. She has withskin. She puts a red face when Newsland saw her. She belongs to one the best families of New York City's.

Countess Ellen Olenska. She is May's cousin, she is exotic and beautiful She isthirty-year-old. She has been living in Europe until she has returned to New York after scandalously separating herself (per rumor) from a bad marriage to a Polish Count.


This story is happening inNew York, in the nineteenth century. Newland Archer, gentleman lawyer and heir to one of New York City's best families, is happily anticipating a highly desirable marriage to the sheltered and beautifulMay Welland. Yet he finds reason to doubt his choice of bride after the appearance of Countess Ellen Olenska, Ellen she returns to New York after scandalously separating herself (per rumor) from abad marriage to a Polish Count. The society didn´t accepted for that reason. Ellen's decision to divorce Count Olenska is a social crisis for the other members of her family, who are terrified ofscandal and disgrace. To save the Welland family's reputation, a law partner of Newland asks him to dissuade Countess Olenska from divorcing the Count. Newsland explain Ellen that it is inappropriate todivorce because the society would judge her and all the family. Living apart can be tolerated, but divorce is unacceptable. Ellen accepts this situation for May, Newsland and her family. He succeeds, butin the process comes to care for her; afraid of falling in love with Ellen, Newland begs May to accelerate their wedding date; May refuses.

Newland tells Ellen he loves her; Ellen corresponds,...
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