The Butterfly Circus

The Butterfly Circus is a short film made by Joshua Weigel, participating Nick Vujicic (person without Limbs.) he became well known thanks to a youtube video which takes one of his presentations.
Nick Vujicic is a name that has become synonymous with education, positivism and encouragement. It is also useful for those who have our full body running smoothly and we got carried away by bitterness or limiting beliefs.
A stunning film that takes in just a few minutes the main character's dream: the Ruler of the Circus. His figure is assimilated to the new Redeemer because he believes in the goodness, the improvement and perfection beyond all and any limitations. His dream lies in letting people fall into step, strength, color, excitement, life and the illusion that the actors who have taken up the circus overcoming their fears and limitations.
In this short film shown to transmit many messages at first the idea of the butterfly which is something like theprocess by passing circus where participants start out as caterpillars which all look like ugly and you could say they do not serve for nothing and are in that go through life eating nothing but what they can and seized what they can and then go on in a process of reflection, repentance, to think about themselves and see the hardships they face and think like they can jump to another level and all this takes place within the cocoon, it's like thinking and reflecting what they have done, right or wrong, and find the key point that depends to a large majority of oneself in order to make the first move and then at the end as the circus says "the bigger the test, the more glorious the triumph" good but will not remember anything well, and that's the beauty of the caterpillar turned into a cocoon that is really very beautiful and what you have to go through all this is significant especially for the person involved and then if you do this process correctly, we can spread it to more [continua]

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