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Ricardo Alvarado Jimenez
T AR 100 section
“1st play critique”
“Katherine’s Critique and Description”
In this play, The Taming of the Shrew by William Shakespeare, the shrew played by Katherine, had a terrible outlook on life and just about everything else. Her negativity was caused by her younger, more beautiful sister Bianca. Who wanted to get married. She had all of the men's hearts in herhands while Katherine had none. If 

Katherine got married then Bianca could get married. She truly was a shrew who needed to be tamed. 

Katherine is foul-tempered and sharp-tongued since the beginning of the play. She constantly insults and degrades the men around her, and she is prone to wild displays. It is certainly plausible to think that her unpleasant behavior stems from unhappiness. Shemay act like a shrew because she is miserable and desperate. Her life seems to be absolutely depressing. In my point of view there are many possible sources of Katherine’s unhappiness: she expresses jealousy about her father’s treatment of her sister, but her anxiety may also stem from feelings about her own undesirability, the fear that she may never win a husband, her loathing of the way mentreat her.
Katherine feels out of place in her society. Due to her intelligence and independence, she is unwilling to play the role of the maiden daughter. She clearly hates society’s expectations that she obeys her father and show grace and courtesy toward her suitors. At the same time, however, Katherine must see that given the rigidity of her social situation, her only hope to find a secure andhappy place in the world lies in finding a husband. These conflicting impulses may lead to her misery and poor temper. A vicious circle ensues: the angrier she becomes, the less likely it seems she will be able to adapt to her prescribed social role; the more alienated she becomes socially, the more her anger grows.
Petruchio is a guy that came to Padua. He could tame Katherine 

for the rightamount of money. Unfortunately everyone that knew she hated her because her way to act with people, the society where she lived didn’t even talk to her. Katherine tries to start fights with Bianca all of the time. She even hit 

Bianca. That’s why no one wanted to marry Katherine until Petruchio arrives in Padua to 

find a wife. In some random conversation Luciento mentioned to Petruchio marryKatherine. 

Petruchio though about how much money he would get and thought it could be great. Petruchio and Katherine's 

father meet and he offered Petruchio a lot of money if he marries his daughter. Petruchio and Katherine meet and they started awful but that didn’t stop Petruchio, he wanted to get marry anyway because of the money. He sets a date for the weeding. The wedding day 

arrives andPetruchio arrives at the wedding in ridiculous clothing and drunk. 

During the ceremony he hits the priest.
After the weeding, things start to begin pretty bad around them. But it seemed that she was having a good time at Petruchio’s house at Verona. As a husband Petruchio started to complain for everything. He was just annoying with her. The wedding of Katherine’s sister was coming and she startedto prepare their stuff to go back to Padua. She wasn’t bother about the treatment she received from her husband; actually she seemed to be happy. Petruchio told her that she was going to get a new dress for her sister’s weeding. When the dress was done and she went to see the it, he was being rude, and told her that the dress wasn’t enough for her so she would have to take her old outfit to go tothe party. One of the main characteristics about Katherine is that she learned more about obedience than anything else in her marriage.
At Bianca’s wedding the two husbands and a friend start to argue about their wives and they got in a conclusion that they are most obedient. Too proof which wife was the most obedient they bet to see whose wife would come to 

them when called upon. When...
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