El fantasma de canterville resumido en capitulos

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  • Publicado : 3 de junio de 2011
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An American family composed by Mr. (minister of America) and Mrs. Otis, his eldest son Washington, Virginia for 15 years and two twins for a summer move to England, having boughtCanterville Chase, despite warnings around the world including that of the Lord Canterville that it was a haunted property. A ghost lived in the house from 300 years ago, it was the guilty soulof Sir Simon de Canterville. He wandered through the house after disappearing in mysterious circumstances nine years after murdering his wife by the fireplace in the living room, on whosesite appeared again and again a curious spot of blood. But the modern Republican Otis family, will ignore these stories. However, upon arrival at the house in disgust My Otis discoverthe alleged spot of blood, which immediately sends clean (although it appears repeatedly spot every morning) and that same night, the ghost makes its appearance, raising thecreaking ofchains Sir Otis, he offers a bottle of ensagrador, and twins who throw pillow. The impassive and the brazenness of the Otis is angry and feels compelled to flee. Enraged prepares his revenge,but his continuing plans fail with the coolness of my Otis, the ingenuity of Washington and the misdeeds of the twins.

The ghost laughed and powerless find the support of the sweetVirginia. The girl will help you find deep rest, will accompany the "garden of death", crying and praying with him. So does his soul to be forgiven and can rest in peace forever, like thehouse is quiet and free of ghosts.

Highlight the unique character of the ghost angry and hurt by the impassive behavior of Otis, is resigned to remember past exploits, when causing realterror and craving the rest that has been banned.

Sorry for their sins, the Ghost becomes unimaginably tender and get the forgiveness and eternal rest in the "Garden of Death."
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