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Successful Teaching or Learning Strategies
In the Second Language

There has been a prominent shift within the field of language learning and teaching over the last twenty years with greater emphasis being put on learners and learning rather than on teachers and teaching. In parallel to this new shift of interest, how learners process new information and what kind of strategiesthey employ to understand, learn or remember the information. Why is it so important to apply teaching or learning strategies for acquiring a language? The grammar structures are more difficult to acquire in listening rules or in the abstract way. It is more internalized when relation, figures and definitions are applied during the acquisition.
This research is going to show how we can apply asuccessful teaching or learning strategies and why it is so important in the second language acquisition.


About 40 years ago the teaching process was focus on the teacher, who was the only one who had the knowledge and the students where the receptors they were like robots just listening and writing. Moreover, teachers are still using this technique as a teaching strategy withoutcaring that time has changed. Over the last twenty years greater emphasis has being put on learner because they create their own learning, how to process new information and what kind of strategies they employ to understand, learn or remember the information.

Description of the Problem: Factors that influence the teacher/students and students/students in teaching and learning in 4th grade ofColegio Nuestra Señora de Los Angeles.

Importance of the Problem
The relationship between the teachers teaching students to acquire a second language is poor in interaction because the teacher is tied to old methods. In other words the teacher has the monologue in the classroom. As a result of this, is common to see passive students in class. The teachers misunderstand thinking that is thelearners’ fault, without taking in consideration that it may be the way they used their teaching strategies. Some students would say that their teachers are always correcting their errors, so they lose the interest to participate in class. Others may assure that they do not feel comfortable or relaxed because of the teacher’s attitude towards them. On the other hand, teachers usually complainabout the students’ lack of the fundamental language knowledge, and their low motivation and willingness to participate in class. It might also be the case that students, as a class, do not respond voluntarily to the instructor's questions and, indeed, do not participate in class discussions. This research project attempts to show the difficulties on none using the appropriate teaching and learningstrategies on 4th grade students in C.O.N.S.A. and how successful will be the used of them on student’s attitudes.
The goals for teaching conversation are extremely diverse and depend mostly on teacher/students interaction. However, some teachers and students may not be aware of the importance of the strategies and techniques that could help both, learners and teachers, promote a goodinteraction in class.

 To identify the strategies the teacher brings to the class in order to promote relaxation and increase student’s motivation.
 To observe students’ behavior through the development of the class.
 To describe the way the teacher addresses the students’ questions or doubts.
 To know which strategies the students use to internalize the knowledge.

Type of Research
In this research we are going to inform a qualitative and quantitave approaches based on teachers strategies and learners strategies.
The participants in this research were 31 children in fourth grade of Nuestra Señora de Los Angeles elementary school.
The following examples that we are going to present are taken from two teachers that use...
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