El meollo de los logros de la isla

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4.a) The Collector - 25 [ag1]

Acquire all the mystery items in The Box of Secrets shop, or see another Hero do so.

For this achievement you need to get every item in The Box of Secrets shop in Knothole Island. You need to finish all three main quests before doing this otherwise not all the items will be available. Here is a list of every item needed, where to get it, its economyrating and the reward you get:

Need: Regal Purple Dye
Where to get: Traveling Dye Trader/Clothing Trader (Fairfax Garden)
Economy Rating: *****
Reward: Brodican Mace

Need: Crucible Peanuts(x2)
Where to get: Crucible Food Trader
Economy Rating: ****
Reward: Chasm Outfit

Need: Crunchy Chick(x3)
Where to get: Food/Fish Trader (Westcliff/Bloodstone)
Economy Rating: *
Reward: Wretcher’sBlade

Need: Lute(x2)
Where to get: General Store
Economy Rating: *
Reward: Axe of Disharmony

Need: Monk Robe(x1)
Where to get: Oakfield Clothing Stall
Economy Rating: ***
Reward: Judge’s Steel

Need: Murgo’s Big Book of Trading(x2)
Where to get: Bowerstone Bookstore
Economy Rating: *
Reward: Brodican Warrior Queen Outfit

Need: Pure Experience Extract(x1)
Where to get: BowerstoneMarket/Potion Trader (Fairfax Gardens)
Economy Rating: *****
Reward: Hal’s Rifle

Need: Diamond(x1)
Where to get: Bowerstone Market Jeweler
Economy Rating: *****
Reward: Staff of Wrath

Need: Eternal Love Ring(x1)
Where to get: Bowerstone Market Jeweler
Economy Rating: *****
Reward: Greaser Wig

Need: Marriage and How To Survive It(x1)
Where to get: Bowerstone Market BookstoreEconomy Rating: *
Reward: Knothole Skirt

Need: Pretty Necklace(x1)
Where to get: Jeweler/ Gift Trader
Economy Rating: ***
Reward: Black Wheel Gang Outfit

Need: Puny Carrot(x2)
Where to get: Bowerstone Old Town (Food Stall)
Economy Rating: **
Reward: Assassin Outfit

Need: Table Wine(x2)
Where to get: Bar
Economy Rating: ***
Reward: Cascading Hair

Note: The economy rating of theitems is very important in your quest to find the rarest items. The items the seller sells are equal to or one star lower than the region economy, so, a low rated region economy means low rated items in the shops. To raise the economy in a region simply put the prices in your shops under 0% and each time you are awarded the money from your shops the economy will raise a bit; to lower the economy,just put the prices over 0%.

4.b) The Meteorologist - 50 [ag2]

Bring all of Knothole Island’s weather problems under control, or help another Hero to do so.

For this achievement simply complete all three main quests (after completing a quest, go anywhere but Knothole Island so that the game gives you the next quest) and after the final decision the achievement unlocks.

4.c) TheBibliophile - 25 [ag3]

Find all the books detailing the history of Knothole Island, or help another Hero to do so.

For this achievement you need to collect all of the 10 volumes of the Knothole Island books. They are very similar to silver keys. Here is their location:

Volume I – Given by the guy that brings you to Knothole Island with his submarine, when you first talk to him.Volume II - Inside the Ice Shrine in the part where you need to hit 4 orbs to successfully stop the lighting, on the right there are some icicles that you can destroy and then vault down. Proceed to the ladder, climb it up, destroy some more icicles and the book is yours.

Volume III – Inside the Sun Shrine in the red floor chamber where you need to stand on a blue button to open a door, destroythe wall to the left from where you enter the chamber and the book is inside a small alcove shown by the broken wall.

Volume IV – As soon as you enter the Storm Shrine to the right in a small opening.

Volume V – For this one, enter Knothole Island and go to the ramp that takes you to the Ice Shrine. When you get there drop down (Sun or Storm Totem must be activated in order to be able to...
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