El pais de cuatro pisos

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Tiffany Nicole Daley Monell
Bda. Clark house #155
Culebra P.R 00775
Phone: (787)225-1672
JOB OBJETIVE: Supervisor
* I have much experience in thisfield, my attributes are of good use, working as a supervisor must be well done, keep track of workers is my highest priority.

* I have a career as a supervisor, spent years in thisfield, working in various places in these last five years, all with good productive workers excellent earnings.

* Many people would say that in this field of work I am very good,I've been very good with my workers and they have given me a good result.
19/11/06 Supervisor, Mamasitas Bar & Restaurant, Culebra P.R. 00775
*Mamasita was my job supervisor, was being aware of my employees and customers, be aware of any complaint or any employee error, resolve and follow quickly with the day or night.
* I gotmany problems with customers, had a few who did not want to pay for their food, they said that was badly cooked, but it ate all the food, I said it ate if it was undercooked, the need topay or I will call authorities, they had no choice but to pay, that was one of the worst situation I have been thought in this work.
* I have my bosses are rewarded for my good work, Ihave good holidays, also be able to have friends with them.
1/8/08 Supervisor, Bahia Marina Hotel & Restaurant, Culebra P.R. 00775

* in this place I was thehouse keeping supervisor.

* I was able to maintain order at work, respect and trust, all prepared excellent quarter.
* I have studied at the University of PuertoRico in the upr manages a total bachiderato.

Station Postal CUH100 Carr. 908
Humacao, PR 00791-4300
Telephone: (787) 850-0000
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