El pasado

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  • Publicado : 23 de enero de 2011
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Over time, the sister realized she was carrying in her womb, the sin of that cowardly and would be outstay welcome; taking it slow, for a time wanted to hide his great misfortune, covering her belly with bandages. But the truth was inevitable. A cold and rainy night, a roommate discovered, immediately, she ran to tell the Mother Superior. Upon learning of this atrocity, ordered the nun lockedin a dark room and cold, pretending to die along with his monster, he could not allow it to stain the name of the convent. They were long weeks of agony, because it was not feeding well struck, believing that eventually died, one night the door opened this sad place, but instead of finding a corpse, the nuns lay dying on the floor with his feet covered in blood creature with just a few hours oflife, after striking scene, the mother superior instead of being moved unleashed his contempt and disgust he decided to get rid of the creature.
The mother Superior ordered Gardener to kill the baby and get rid of the body, buried in the large garden, but did not, without anyone noticing, he took with his wife and told her that the mother superior had ordered him, and his wife moved, to have thathelpless creature in his arms did not allow to carry out such an atrocity, they decided to keep it, thinking that perhaps the child would return no love lost between.
Meanwhile, in the convent had already decided the fate of the unhappy nun, still alive and tied and placed in a wall to finally made her sandwich, which came to an end the agonizing torment. Over the years tried to forget thatevent. But it was impossible, because every night, piercing screams and sobs begging to be heard, the nuns prevented forget what had happened.
Over time, strange events happened in the convent, such as: unexplained deaths, opening doors, paintings falling and constant occurrences of an unknown entity that prevented them from sleeping. The nuns tired of being freaked out and witnessing so manyparanormal events, decided to leave that place so terrifying.
Time passed, and the convent was in ruins. To be inhabited this place, a group of people to take advantage of this area applied to city government. In order to do well and turn it into a research center to serve the community, they were provided with permission and was founded the Escuela Normal Superior. Everything seemed to pass in stride;the buildings were modified, except for a small room located at the bottom of the main area.
Without knowing it, they left intact the room at the fate that had happened, where it was sandwiched the nun. The school was opened, the students arrived, teachers were hired and everything seemed normal, but it was the awful truth to emerge. But what would happen to this child? Would there be alive ordead? That boy grew and became a man, who seemed normal but ... One day arrived a person applying for employment in any area of the school but he was fresh from work. Despite being a strange man very unusual, and coincidentally decided to hire him in the evening, the strange events were present in principle no one noticed, because at nights just hanging around the place mysterious man. And in theday it was a lot of moving that it was impossible to perceive.
The man saw that those extra ordinary events. Note that some part of the school, chilling punches were heard in one of the walls, and armed with a revised value was passing there, but ... What was his surprise? A nun or what appeared to be yelling "Help" for pity's sake! Any other person would have run but felt the need to approach thenun, he felt he had a connection with her, but did not know it was, but his heart told him to come over, without hesitation, walked on his own volition and when he almost touched her she disappeared. He did not know what happened but he wanted to see her again.
Since that appearance, in his mind rolled dreams that related to that woman, so every night before rack out went to the site in hopes...
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