El plan verde marroqui

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  • Publicado : 13 de noviembre de 2011
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El plan verde marroquí ¿oportunidad o amenaza para la agricultura marroquí y del arco latino europeo?
The meeting at which some students of ADE attended about moroccangreen plan could be divide in three parts:
1st- the first Moroccan Minister of Agriculture explain us about his country’s green plan
2nd- the presentation of the company TECNIDEX
3th- the opiniónof a valencian farmer
The first Moroccan green plan is a joung plan that was created 4 years ago and it’s based on two fundamental pillars: the organization of the market and the efficiency ofagriculture and, on the other hand, the support for pleasants and the solidarity to them.
The first one has the objective of increase farm investment to improve the capabilities of production. It will beachieve by promoting the capability of creation that is based on using state-owned land to atract the private investment and to imporove technology. Otherwise, the mechanisms of the market arecomplemnted by the incentive plan.
The second pillar has the objective of: “support to social agriculture” by three types of measure. One, is the support to local products (pistachios,cactus…); second, isthe conversion of margianl lands with low productivity of wheat in other crop such as olives; and the third one is the support to livestock thruogh improve of technologies.
The evaluation of thegreen plan was the next:
- easily applicable to the sugar plantations
- difficult where there is already a market such as olives, vegetables andcereals.
- it can be describe as “hugely ambitious”
-the food industry is the engine of grouth reflected in the GDP and job creation
The first problem for the Mroroccan green plan is the granting ofland because there is a big problem with the water management.
Another difficulty is the prohibition of product development of international markets. In some countries has decline the consumption of...
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