El rescate

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  • Publicado : 23 de noviembre de 2010
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Their families, who have been waiting for weeks in the mine entrance, waiting and reception with feasts and prayers. They have also asked the press to leave them alone.
In total about 1600 correspondents from the five continents are accredited for the event, that even the miners themselves may continue on television.
As you are uploaded to the surface,workers will undergo medical checks, talk with one or two family and depart by helicopter to the Hospital of Copiapo.

Successfully concluded the historic rescue of the miners of Chile.
69 days for rescuers and relatives joined in the San José mine Copiapo to work for the release of the 33 miners trapped 700 meters deep.


Wednesday October 13, 2010 8:34 pm

Santiago deChile .- The 33 miners who were trapped for more than two months in the bowels of Chile again on Wednesday to see the world in a thrilling rescue ended a two-month closure and became the biggest milestone underground survival history.
Here is a chronology of events models one of the worst accidents in the history of mining.

1 .- At about 14:00 local time, there is a collapse intothe small copper and gold mine in San Jose in the north of Chile.
On the evening of that day reported the severity of the accident. After speaking first of 25 miners trapped after the figure rises to 33 miners are known to be about 700 meters deep, with no possibility of knowing under what conditions.
2 .- The Minister of Mining, Laurence Golborne, suspending a visit to Ecuador and Chile tohead back to the rescue of the miners, immediately moved to the mine, located about 800 km north of Santiago.
A rescue team entered one of the ventilation shafts of the mine, but the next day discarded this option for security issue and blocks the duct through which had been planned down to the shelter.
3 .- The president suspended Sebastián Piñera a visit to Colombia and return home to accompanyrelatives of the miners who camped outside the mine in stricken.
4 .- probing machines begin drilling work to try to give small ducts in the area of refuge.
5.-Piñera dismisses active regulator of mining activities and orders that the body towards its eventual liability following the accident.
6 .- The Minister of Mines said that the chances of finding the miners alive are low.
7 .- Atube 726 meters depth had failed in its objective of finding the place where the miners were thought. But another eight probes continue on with their work of drilling.
8 .- The morning of that Sunday, a third probe fund manages to break about 688 meters deep and then get noises that open the hope that the miners could be alive.
9 .- In the afternoon the Minister of Mines out of the steel bars ofa sounding machine and a paper with red lettering that says: "We are well on the refuge's 33" Relatives and authorities held and the news moves the world .
10 .- installed the first plastic tubes called doves, who travel to the bottom of the mine to supply the first foods high in glucose.
A video camera lowered through the well that serves as a kind of umbilical cord. Using a makeshiftintercom miners chief says rescue teams "are waiting for us to rescue it."
11 .- The machine "STRATA-950" so-called plan to start digging into the final diameter.


1 .- The drilling of the "T-130" of "Plan B" began its work in probing the final diameter.
2.-A third oil probing machine called "Plan C" susu inico drilling operation for their rescue.
1.-Authoritiesestimate that at night the machine's "Plan B" break back and reach the goal of drilling 622 meters. But the work is delayed.
2 .- boring machine reached at 08:05 local time (1205 GMT) the depth drawn to start the rescue. Rescue teams decide to strengthen up the first 96 meters from the vent opening, which will take about 24 hours.
3 .- The Government believes that the rescue will be on...
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