El soldadito de plomo

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  • Publicado : 17 de febrero de 2011
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He's calls: Jose Martin Cuevas Cobos, better acquaintance like Pedro Fernandez

He' swas born in Guadalajara, Straw hat, on September 28, 1969.

He's devotes himself to: Tosing

He’s 41 years old
Together with his(her,your) cinematographic début, the Pedrito at the time had the opportunity to record his(her,your) first disc, titled precisely The Girl of the BlueRucksack, with which(whom) it(he,she) achieved international success.

His(Her,Your) naturalness I take it to do other tapes and soap operas as(like): Juana Iris and To reach the major IInd formentioning some. During his(her,your) adolescence it(he,she) stood out with a qualified Flirtatious ballad; also it(he,she) recorded topics as Manikin and The loser.

In the same time also the desirescame of knowing and discovering the woman. The advices(councils) of his(her,your) grandfather allowed him(her) to be enjoying little by little this experience, until Rescholarship appeared inhis(her,your) life, a girl native to Reynosa, Tamaulipas, whom it(he,she) knew when they crowned her as representative of the beauty of his(her,your) condition(state).

Inside his(her,your) gre Insidehis(her,your) great artistic career(race), Pedro has recorded mas of 25 discs, between(among) which that of honoring is to Jose Alfredo Jiménez, who includes classic topics of the composer Guanajuatense.Others of his(her,your) discs are My way of feeling (1995), Adventurer (1998), I was not (2000), Of Heart (2002), Me Listen to (2006) .Todos these albums they have placed Pedro in Center and SouthAmerica in the first places of popularity, and nevertheless this success, Pedro supports the feet on the land and to taking care of his(her,your) famila integrated(repaid) by his(her,your) wife Rebeca andthree beautiful daughters: Osmara, Karina and Gem Guadalupe, the major one of them dedicated to the feminine professional football.

In his(her,your) more than 30 years of career(race), Pedro...
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