El valor de la educacion superior

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“Experience is a hard teacher. She gives the test first and the lessons afterwards.” This quote is from an anonymous person, who certainly spoke with knowledge. To better understand the value of acollege education, our English 71 class, was assigned a very special project. Every student interviewed three different people about the value of education: one who never attended college, a currentcollege student, and a college graduate. After interviewing three smart and wonderful people, I found the interviewees had conflicts between themselves and their families’ about career choices;obstacles to get an education; but gained a personal fulfillment with regards to education.
To begin, I interviewed Lupita Longoria an 84 year woman who did not have the opportunity to attend college. Thesecond person I interviewed was Francisco Lopez. He is a current University of Texas Pan-Am (UTPA) student enrolled in the clinical laboratory science program. The third I interviewee was DanielCantu, who is earning a Master of Science degree in digital image and design. He graduated from the University of New York City and currently resides in Houston, Texas, with his family. He is the mediadirector.
With regards to their families’ attitudes toward career choices, Lupita, Francisco and Daniel experienced similar conflicts. Apparently, for some families to have a doctor or a lawyer intheir house is like a dream come true. Nevertheless, not all families will show the same interest and stress the importance of education. Lupita remarked, “In my family women are given theresponsibility of raising children and caring for our families.” On the other hand, Francisco expressed, “My parents always encouraged me to get a Medical Degree. education; they alwaysmotivated me to be as much as I can.” He decided to be a clinical laboratory scientist. Although Daniel parents expressed that they hoped he would became a doctor or lawyer, he pursued his own dream of...
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